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Nov 4, 2012 11:00am EST
famously be -- trust but verify. u.s.-india cruise ship agreed to remove the missiles under u.n. inspection, castro refused to allow the inspection of any missile dismantling and removal from cuba. what were some of the complications that kennedy had to deal with, beginning on october 29 of this whole issue of inspections and of dealing with the soviet weapons and forces left over in cuba? >> guest: i think the context of this is important for them on october 18, 2 days after kennedy had been shown photographs of soviet missiles in cuba, the soviet foreign minister came into the oval office, kennedy asked him flat out, are you installing offensive nuclear weapons in cuba? and he said no. we are not doing this. unknown to him, kennedy had the lossy photos and so mr. kennedy, he had just been like to directly about the missile. so fast toward almost two weeks, he has this issue with the soviet premier has said we will remove the missiles. trust us, we'll do. for the members of the ex-con, the issue is not so much trust but verify, but verify first. there really wasn't a lot of trust the kenne
Nov 25, 2012 9:00pm EST
, we're talking about lincoln as an extreme leader, as an un unfitterred leaders, but there's home court advantages. tell us what effect the seating had as the convention plays out. >> guest: so lincoln's team is able to receipt sprouterrers -- recruit supporters from all across illinois. they bring them in chicago on discounted tickets. lincoln was a railroad attorney so they arranged that. they print fake tickets for the convention and stack the hall to the rafters with lincoln supporters. every time lincoln's name is mentioned, supporters yell and scream support so much so that the windows of the hall shake in response. this makes the convention dense. no one can think. davis, lincoln's campaign manager goes to the seating arrangement guys saying i want the new york delegation where weed is seated to be surrounded on all sides by other strong seward states. davis knows the condition will be such a zoo they can't hear themselves think or talk to each other at any distance. if weed is like this when the negotiations have to start, he's going to be physically blocked off from getti
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2